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Anorexia Nervosa - Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery. Our Orlando, FL Center for Discovery specializes in treating this Eating Disorder.

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What is Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Treatment?

Eating disorder intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) consists of structured individual and group therapy sessions for individuals with an eating disorder who are able to function in society without intensive monitoring. Individuals may have already completed a more intense program such as an eating disorder residential treatment program or an eating disorder partial hospitalization program or have a new eating disorder diagnosis that is not severe enough to qualify for these intensive higher-level of care programs.

Types of therapy offered at eating disorder intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) and eating disorder partial hospitalization program (PHP)

  • Group and individual therapy such as nutrition education, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectal behavioral therapy
  • Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) which helps get individuals comfortable with aspects of the condition which are triggering to them and allows for the development of new skills
  • Skill-development groups that focus on relapse prevention techniques, stress management and assertiveness training
  • Menu planning, meal preparation, and meal support.
  • Process-oriented recovery groups (support groups) that focus on resolving conflict, replacing positive thinking with negative thinking, recognizing triggers, learning adaptability skills to relate to others and learning about empathy
  • Learning and understanding the stages of change
  • Exploring spirituality
  • Family therapy
  • Trauma-informed care such as EMDR

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"The staff and therapists are wonderful, I do believe that they truly care about their patients and support them and their families on the road to recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with and eating disorder, I highly recommend Center for Discovery."

Ruth R.
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The who, what and where of eating disorder outpatient treatment (IOP) and partial hospitalization treatment (PHP)

Eating disorder intensive outpatient treatment can be offered to adolescent females, adolescent males, adult females and adult males and each of these populations can be separated or combined depending on the specific treatment center. In general, adolescent programs are separated from adult programs to ensure the best available therapy and safety. A typical intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) requires individuals to have at least nine hours of therapy per week, which is usually a combination of group or individual therapy. In general, these nine hours of treatment are divided up into three-hour sessions three evenings to five evening a week for 12-16 weeks duration. Once this 12-16 week program is successfully completed, the individual may step down into a maintenance eating disorder therapy group or eating disorder outpatient treatment team on a regular outpatient basis that may meet once per week. The average group size for an eating disorder intensive outpatient treatment program is eight-15 individuals. Additionally, the cost for this type of program is generally much more affordable than residential treatment or partial hospitalization treatment. Just like any other level of care, a highly qualified therapist performs a thorough individual screening and assessment evaluation to evaluate whether intensive outpatient care is appropriate or if a higher-level of care is needed.

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Center For Discovery Dallas, TX specializes in treating eating disorders and the co-occurring conditions that are accompanied with them, with unique treatment programs for every individual to get them on their way to eating disorder recovery.

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Do I have an eating disorder?
Take the Free Eating Disorder Quiz

Does my loved one have an eating disorder?
Take the Free Eating Disorder Quiz

What do I look for when choosing an eating disorder intensive outpatient program (IOP) or an eating disorder partial hospitalization program (PHP)?

  • Is the treatment center accredited and by which organizations?
  • State license, which is typically from the Department of Health in the state the treatment center, is located in.
  • A safe location and setting that is clean and comfortable.
  • Are individuals segregated by gender, age and according to their mental health condition or substance addiction? Most centers will offer adolescent programs, female adult programs, male adult programs and separate primary eating disorder diagnosis from primary substance abuse diagnosis.
  • Philosophy of treatment; is it a holistic approach that includes treating the mind, body and spirit through a variety of treatment entities or does it just focus on the mental health diagnosis?
  • How are individual treatment results measured? Generally, monitoring, assessments, and measured outcomes are utilized to improve the treatment process.
  • What is the admission process? Is there a medical examination? Does a physician have a role in the admission process for each patient? Is there a free screening and assessment and who performs this assessment?
  • What is the average duration of treatment? Who or what determines this length of treatment?
  • Who is on staff? What are the staff qualification requirements, including background checks and licensing criteria?
  • How much does this treatment center cost? How much will be covered by insurance? Is there financial assistance available?
  • Is there aftercare available?
  • Does this center provide referrals of past and current residents to speak with about the treatment center and its programs?
  • What types of psychotherapy are offered?
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